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How to Budget
The Best Budget Apps for 2024
The best budget apps for 2024 are NerdWallet, Cheddar, EveryDollar, Rocket Money, YNAB, Goodbudget, Money Manager, Copilot, PocketGuard, Buddy, and Monefy.
Travel on a Budget
21 Cheapest and Safest Places to Travel in 2024
The destinations are Laos, Georgia, Macedonia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Albania, Philippines, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Thailand, Panama, Malaysia, Hungary, Costa Rica, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Spain, and Portugal.
Activities on a Budget
69 Free Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun
Enjoy free, fun dates: picnic, hike, explore neighborhoods, home movie night, DIY spa, cook together, stargaze, play games, volunteer, beach visits, and more. Connect through activities, nature, and cozy nights in.